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Enclosed Car Hauler

Do you want Do you need to transport your Enclosed Auto Transport vehicle from one place to another but do not want to go through the strenuous process? Transporting your vehicles can be a real struggle, and Genius Auto Transport understands your worries. We provide you with quick, efficient, and reliable transportation services that allow you to transport your vehicle to your specified destination effortlessly. With the help of our car transportation services, you do need to put any extra effort into the car transportation procedure. Moreover, we provide several car moving options for you to choose from. So, go ahead and avail the most effective and most reliable transportation services.

What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

As the name suggests, Enclosed Auto Transport is a completely covered and enclosed car transportation method. Unlike our Open Auto Transport service, which uses an open and uncovered carrier for transportation cars, the Enclosed Auto Transport service uses a closed carrier. We ensure that your vehicles are safely loaded on the enclosed carrier and shipped to your specified location.

What makes Enclosed Auto Transport Service Better?

Although this transportation service is costlier than its other alternative, it is much safer. The main factor that makes this service more reliable is that it provides the vehicles with better protection against extreme weather conditions and other external factors that can potentially cause damage to your cars.

When to opt for an enclosed auto transport service?

Our Enclosed Auto Transport service is undoubtedly one of the safest and most reliable car transportation services. However, as other cheaper shipping services are available, you might find it challenging to decide on the correct type of car transportation service. Therefore, we have listed a few factors that will help you decide if this is the best option:

Classic or Vintage Vehicles

Classic or vintage vehicles are prized and valuable property for many people. Moreover, such vehicles might require extra care and attention during their transportation. As the Enclosed Auto Transport service allows your vehicles to be transported with extra care, it is the perfect type of transportation service for your classic cars. Moreover, this car transportation service will also protect your classic or vintage vehicles from external environmental damages.

Bad Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions can cause damage to the exterior of your vehicles. Moreover, it would be best to be more careful with your luxurious or classic cars. Weather conditions such as rainy days, thunderstorms, snowfall, and hailing can damage the polish and windows of your vehicles. Therefore, if you plan to ship a precious car from one place to another, it is a good idea to opt for our Enclosed Auto Transport service. Our car transportation service will ensure no damage to your vehicles during the transportation procedure. The extra money you will be paying for this service will be worth it. So, if you genuinely love your cars, go ahead and request a free quote or call us to book our transportation service.

Better Security

All of our car transportation services are incredibly safe and secure. Our company makes sure that the valuable property of its customers stays as safe as possible. However, with our Enclosed Auto Trans service, you can experience premium quality security against environmental factors and theft. Moreover, apart from keeping your vehicles safe, we also strive to protect our customers' personal information. The address, phone number, and information about your cars that you provide will remain private.

Expensive or Luxurious Cars

The Enclosed Auto Transport is the best option out there if you will transport extremely expensive or luxurious cars. Although our other transportation services are reliable and secure, and the chances of damages are small, you can still pay a little extra for an even better service.

Cost estimation for Enclosed Auto Transport servicetrucker

The cost estimation process at Genius Auto Transport is straightforward. You have to contact us on the number provided or request a free quote. Our experts will then ask you about various factors such as the size of your vehicle, model number, and the distance of the transportation route. You will also need to inform us if certain parts of your car are operable or inoperable. Considering all the factors and information that you provide us with, we will calculate the cost of the car transportation service.

Our Customer Service

We provide completely free and professional customer service to all our customers. If you need to ask about the transportation costs and time schedules, we will always assist you. Moreover, if you cannot decide on the best type of car transportation service for your specific vehicle, our experts will guide you accordingly. To book our services, you can get a free quote online or contact us at 1-703-419-9000.

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In open auto transport, the vehicle is transported in an open car hauler, which is affordable. In enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is transported in an enclosed trailer, which is more expensive than an open car hauler. The added cost of enclosed shipping is counterbalanced by the added protection it provides to your car's paint job and body work.