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Genius Auto Trans is a Virginia-based auto transport company. We specialize in the transportation of cars for individuals and corporations. Genius Auto Trans provides durability, fast acceleration, dependability, and safety. We offer some budget-friendly and affordable discounts and make sure that your vehicle transfer is stress-free and easy. We offer 24/7 customer support and the availability of a vast and diverse range of carrier networks to offer nation-wide auto transportation. We do offer open and enclosed vehicle transportation, having your vehicle delivered right to your door. We have a flexible and real-time auto-transport tracking system, keeping our valuable customers fully informed about their vehicle transfers.

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Customers' feedback on Genius Auto Trans

Genius Auto Trans is a top-notch Auto Transport Company with a good number of satisfied and happy customers! We believe in providing high-value customer service to each of our customers. We strive to maintain consistent helpfulness for each transporter.

“Paris Wilson is an exceptional employee, she followed up consistently and give me complete updates. I would love to steal he...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Nick Algarra

“Well deserved 5 star 🌟. Paris helped me to get the right transport company for the right price I called for. Took her only...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Peter Zahel

“Jason provided great service. He was very responsive, he communicated often, and the driver showed up approximately when J...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Lawrence Cornman

“Jason Harvey from Genius Auto worked on my case and he ensured that my shipment was taken care from pick up to delivery. He ...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Surajeet Dey

“Worked with Jason Harvey from Genius Auto to ship car from MD to CA, every thing went very smooth, the driver Alex was very ...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews

“Alice assisted me well during the transaction. The two gentleman transporting the car were great. Going to use them again ...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Tommie Shaw

“I recently used Genius Auto Trans LLC to transport my car from VA to IL. The whole process from start to finish was smooth. ...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Kristen Adach

“Alice was reassuring me how things would be fine the driver was also very helpful. I would recommend them both for their out...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Kingis Lewis

“Great company to work with. I worked with Paris Wilson and she was very helpful, very attentive and polite. Thank you Paris”...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Natia Gaganidze

“Very reliable and time saving. My car was shipped without any problem. Mr DARREN BROWN did a good job.”...(read more)

Genius Auto Trans Reviews
Njoh Joel

What sets us apart from others?

Genius Auto Transport company is a top-rated & leading auto moving company. We offer:

Genius Auto Trans
Robust, Fast Track, Reliable & Safe 

Genius Auto Trans offers Robust, Fast Track, Reliable & Safe making it a top-rated choice to select among the best car moving & hauling companies

Genius Auto Trans
Best & Transparent Offers

Genius Auto Trans offers some budget-friendly & affordable discounts for its potential customers & prospects without any surprise hidden deductibles

Genius Auto Trans
24/7 Customer Support

Genius Auto Trans customer support team is highly-professional maintaining consistent and high-value responsiveness and helpfulness for each transporter

Genius Auto Trans
10k+ Auto Transporters 

Genius Auto Trans has availability of a vast & diverse range of a carrier network to offer nationwide auto transportation services round the clock

Genius Auto Trans
Real-Time Auto Transport Tracking System 

Genius Auto Trans offers real-time tracking of vehicles to remain updated with where your vehicle has reached at any instant during its transit.

Genius Auto Trans
Insurance Covered Auto Transportation

Genius Auto Trans offers full-scale & robust insurance that covers bumper-to-bumper damage giving its customers full peace of mindedness

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Experience Safe, Fast, and Painless Car Shipping with Genius Auto Trans.

Ship a car to another state

Genius Auto Transport Company offers a comprehensive inter-state auto transport facility anywhere in the US. Whether you are somewhere in NYC, Texas, or Florida, our dedicated team of auto-trans professionals is ready to move your vehicle anytime and anywhere nationwide!

We can help you if you are

Genius Auto Trans
Car Dealer

As a car dealer, you are part of the auto business! We value all your customers. We would love to offer our dedicated and high-value auto transportation services in the way you like.

Genius Auto Trans
Family or Mover

Our reliable and trustworthy auto transport service can help you whether you are a casual vehicle mover looking to relocate across any state or need your family vehicle to get shipped safely!

Genius Auto Trans
Auction Buyer

As an auction broker, you might have to win a good auto deal at an auction. Congratulations! We offer our reliable auto transport service for the on-time and secure arrival of your valuable purchase.

Genius Auto Trans
Online car buyer

As an online car buyer, you may have selected and purchased your dream car online! Now, it is time to bring it over to your doorstep! We do offer secure, reliable and door-to-door transportation services at affordable rates.

Asked Questions

Auto-transport pricing for a vehicle is determined by considering several factors. It will mainly depend on the following:

  • - The specific type, condition, and size of the vehicle.
  • - The total transportation distance.
  • - The market-based pricing trends.
  • - The specific time of year in which auto transport functions are to be scheduled. 
  • - The weather condition: auto transportation subjected to the snow season will require high-value pricing.
  • - Shipping routes: the low-density areas may be costly.
  • - Call us at (800) 780-113 and let one of our vehicle transport specialists help you estimate your vehicles auto transportation cost.

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