Factors That Affect Car Shipping Cost: Genius Auto Trans

Car Shipping Cost Factors: What Are the Factors Affecting Car Shipping?

Auto shipping becomes challenging for people looking to travel from one state to another. You will need to find a reliable service provider to ship your vehicle securely and economically.

Factors that Influence Car Shipping Prices

Several decisions can be made while shipping a vehicle, each of which may influence the shipping costs. The following is a list of the most significant factors you must consider:

  • 1) Distance and Location

  • 2) Type of Vehicle

  • 3) Shipping Season

  • 4) Shipping Method

  • 5) Availability of Carriers

1. Distance and Location

One of the main reasons that affect the costs of shipping a vehicle is Distance and location. Transportation costs will be higher when a shipment needs to travel, to a far place. This is due to fuel, labor, and maintenance costs associated with covering greater distances.

Consideration of the location of transport is essential. In some regions, costs may rise because they are more distant or farther away. Shipping to and from cities is sometimes less expensive than shipping to remote or inaccessible areas.

2. Type of Vehicle

The type of vehicle can affect cost of its shipping. The SUVs and trucks may occupy more space as compared to the small vehicles. It means that shipping of SUVs and trucks will make it difficult for carriers to keep enough space for pick up more vehicles.

3. Shipping Season

The time of the year for shipping a vehicle also may result in affecting the cost of shipping.

  • i)Transporting your vehicle in Summer
  • ii)Transporting your vehicle in winter

i)Transporting your vehicle in Summer

Transporting your vehicle in the Summer will generally cost more than it would in the winter as it tends to be an active period for Auto transport companies for business.

The maximum Auto Transport season generally begins in April and runs through September. June, July, and August are the busiest months, as it’s easier for people to make big moves. Better weather across the country also makes the summer months the best for people to relocate their vehicles. Auto-shipment peak moving season brings growing business. This increase in vehicle deliveries can mean higher prices and longer wait times.

ii)Transporting your vehicle in winter

Transporting your vehicle in the winter in general will cost less than it would in the summer as it tends to be a slower period for auto transport companies. This is why it is smart for price-conscious shippers to ship their vehicles during the winter. An exception is seen in regions that experience risky winter conditions. In addition, January tends to be a busy month for moving and auto shipping due to “snowbird season,” when those who live up north gather in warmer Southern climates.

4. Shipping Method

Genius auto trans offers several shipping methods including:

Open Car Transport

Open car transport is usually known as open trailer transport. These trailers are designed to carry multiple vehicles at once and are open means they are exposed to the sunlight and other natural elements in the environment. Open car transportation method is affordable because, in the open trailers, carriers can carry more vehicles as compared to the enclosed trailer.

Expedited Car Transport

Genius Auto Trans offers expedited car transport service to its customers for a better car transportation experience. This service transports autos within a few days or even 24 to 48 hours, depending on the distance. Compared to regular transportation services (open automobile transport), expedited car shipping services are more expensive.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed automobile transportation mode involves transporting vehicles using fully enclosed and covered carrier trailers. These fully covered trailers provide high degree of security and safety during the transportation process. It is convenient mode of transportation for valuable, rare, vintage, classic, and exotic vehicles. The usage of this mode can become a cause to increase in car shipping pricing.

5. Availability of Carriers

The following reasons can affect the availability of carriers which can cause a major increase in prices:

Competition Among Carriers

When there are multiple carriers operating on a certain route or location, competition might result in lower shipping prices. Carriers may provide competitive pricing and promotions to attract customers, leading in cost savings for shippers.

Limited Carrier Availability

In some regions or for certain routes, carrier availability may be limited. This limitation of carriers can lead to higher shipping costs due to increased demand for their services. Limited availability can be more common in remote or less populated areas.

Peak Shipping Seasons

During high shipping seasons, such as the holiday season or special industry-related events, demand for carriers' services might skyrocket. This increasing demand may result in higher prices as carriers profit from the increased demand for their services.


Several factors influence the cost of transporting an automobile, and understanding these aspects is critical for making informed auto shipping decisions.

  • The dimensions and location of your cargo
  • The kind of vehicle you're shipping
  • The Shipping seasons
  • The shipping method you select

Additionally, depending on the degree of competition and carrier access, the availability of carriers in a specific area can either result in competitive pricing or higher expenses.