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Golf Cart Shipping

Ship Your Golf Cart Across the Different States

What Is a Golf Cart Shipping Service?

Genius Auto Trans offers a stress-free transport solution for moving your Golf Cart. The Golf Cart transfer is conducted efficiently to ensure high degree of damage less delivery.

How Our Golf Cart Auto Shipping Works

Genius Auto Trans do Golf Cart shipping as a simple & easy process:

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What Golf Cart Types Do You Ship?

We can move a variety of Golf Carts & Buggies including Push Carts, Pull Carts, Electric Carts & Diesel Carts, and more.

How Long Does It Take To Auto-Transport a Golf Cart?

The different destinations located under 500–600 miles from a pickup location, will require, on average, 24 hours or 1–2 days for golf cart auto transportation. Places that are 600 miles distant from the pickup location will usually need more time.

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Driving Distance To Or From The Pickup Location (Miles)Tentative Time Of Delivery (Days Or Hours)
0 to 200 milesIn 24 hours
200 to 600 miles1 - 2 days
600 to 1000 miles1 - 2 days
1000 to 1500 miles2-3 days
1500 to 2000 miles3-4 days
2000 or above miles4-5 days

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Auto-transport pricing for a Golf Cart is determined by considering several factors. It will mainly depend on the following:

  • - The specific type, condition, and size of the vehicle
  • - The total transportation distance.
  • - The market-based pricing trends.
  • - The specific time of year in which auto transport functions are to be scheduled. 
  • - The weather condition: auto transportation subjected to the snow season will require high-value pricing.
  • - Shipping routes: the low-density areas may be costly.
  • - Call us at (800) 780-113 and let one of our vehicle transport specialists help you estimate your vehicles auto transportation cost.

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