How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car? Genius Auto Trans Guide

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car in 2023?

Shipping a vehicle for the first time can be a challenging and stressful experience. When moving across the country, purchasing a car from a different state, or just needing to transfer your vehicle for whatever reason, it is necessary to have a good awareness of the elements that determine the amount of time it takes to ship a car.

Factors that Affect the Time it Takes to Ship a Car

We will discuss several factors that go into finding out how long it takes to ship an automobile, as well as give you a general idea of what to expect.

Distance Matters

The distance between the pickup and delivery locations of your vehicle is one of the most influential factors when deciding how long it takes to transport a vehicle. In general, the amount of time it will take to ship your car increases directly with the distance. The process of transporting a vehicle from one end of the United States to the other will normally take more time than transporting the vehicle inside the same state or to a nearby state.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

The timing of the delivery of your vehicle is also impacted by the locations at which it is picked up and dropped off. It is more probable that the process will be completed more quickly if your pickup and delivery sites are in major cities or along routes that see a high volume of traffic. This is because carriers usually take more frequent trips in areas that see a high volume of traffic. On the other hand, finding a carrier that is available for your route may take more time if your locations are in less traveled or isolated.

Time of Year

The amount of time it takes to transport a car can be considerably impacted by the season.

a) Shipping During Summer

Summer is generally considered the best time for vehicle shipping because of favorable weather conditions in most regions. The days are longer, and there is less chance of delays due to weather-related issues.

b) Shipping During Winter

Winter can be challenging due to potential snow and storms. In regions prone to winter weather, shipping delays are more common due to road conditions.

Carrier Availability

i. When it comes to thinking about how long it will take to ship your car, the availability of carriers is another important factor to consider.

ii. Carriers operate according to schedules, and it may be some time before they are able to accommodate your shipment if they already have a full load or are in the process of traveling to a certain location.

iii. The ability to be compliant with the dates of the pickup and delivery can assist in speeding up the procedure.

Shipping Distance and Routes

The delivery time of shipments might be affected by the route that the carrier takes. It will take less time to go through direct routes with fewer pauses and delays than it will to travel through routes with several stops along the way. In addition, the state of the roads and the possibility of road closures due to weather or construction can also contribute to delays.

Wash Your Car and Take Photographs

In order to get your Car ready for shipping, you should get the ball rolling by washing it. You'll be able to conduct a comprehensive check of your vehicle to identify any existing dents, dings, or scratches on the face of the machine. After conducting a thorough examination, you should take photos of your vehicle so that you have a record of any fresh problems that may have occurred during the transportation process.


In short,

The amount of time it takes to transport a car can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as.

  • i)The distance traveled.
  • ii)The pickup and delivery locations.
  • iii)The season impacts on delivery time.
  • iv)The shipping routes, as well as your level of preparation and how you arrange the shipment.
  • v)When it comes to shipping an automobile, it's important to keep in mind that patience and flexibility can be extremely useful, especially during busy seasons and long-distance shipments.