How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car? Genius Auto Trans Guide

What Is The Time to Ship a Car in 2024?

First-time car shipping is difficult and challenging. Before transferring your vehicle, it is necessary to acquire a good level of understanding about different auto shipping segments. This includes knowledge about the time required to auto-ship a car.

What are the factors affecting the car shipping time?

There are several elements associated with finding out the shipping time required to move a car.


The distance between pickup and delivery destinations is fundamental in estimating the car shipping time duration. The time required to ship a car will increase as the shipping distance increases. The shipping time required to   transport the vehicle from a state or city to a state or city located at a large distance will be longer than shipping it to a nearby city or state.

Pickup and Delivery Locations

The pickup and delivery locations are crucial to determining the time of delivery for a vehicle. The car shipping process will be completed quickly if the pickup and delivery locations are located in major cities. This is because carriers usually take more frequent trips in areas that see a high volume of traffic. On the other hand, finding a carrier that is available for your route may take more time if your locations are in less traveled or isolated.

Time of Year

The car shipping time is highly dependent on the weather conditions and the season.

a) Shipping During Summer

Summer is an ideal time to do vehicle shipping The weather conditions in summer in most regions are favorable, and rarely any delays occur due to weather-specific challenges.

b) Shipping During Winter

Winter can be challenging due to potential snow and storms. In regions prone to winter weather, shipping delays are more common due to road conditions.

Carrier Availability

1. The availability of carriers plays a vital role in determining the shipping time to move a car.

2. Carriers operate as per a designed schedule, and their loading capacity to pickup vehicles gets full before you place a new order subjected to a particular location.

3. The capability of an auto shipping company to match pickup and delivery dates with the available time slots for relevant carriers can help in decreasing the car shipping time.

Shipping Distance and Routes

The delivery time of shipments might be affected by the route that the carrier takes. The direct routes taken by carriers with fewer stops will make shipping time shorter. The bad state of roads in a specific state and their closure due to weather conditions can factor into the delayed car shipping time precisely. 

Wash Your Car and Take Photographs

In order to get your Car ready for shipping, you should get the ball rolling by washing it. You will need to comprehensively check and inspect your vehicle’s body for any existing damages and scratches. You should always take photos after conducting an examination of your vehicle for record-keeping purposes.


In short,

The amount of time it takes to transport a car can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as.

  • i)The distance traveled.
  • ii)The locations to pickup and deliver.
  • iii)The season impacts on delivery time.
  • iv)The shipping routes, as well as your level of preparation and how you arrange the shipment.
  • v)When it comes to shipping an automobile, it's important to keep in mind that patience and flexibility can be extremely useful, especially during busy seasons and long-distance shipments.