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What Is State To State Car Shipping

Interstate auto transportation is a service for moving cars from one state of the country to another. On average, our auto transport carriers usually cover 500–600 miles in a single day. This tentative mileage merely depends upon the traffic and weather conditions that our carrier crew may face during the completion of your auto transport operation.

How Genius Auto Trans Manages State to State Car Shipping

It is difficult to entrust your car to one of the country's auto shipping firms for interstate auto transportation. There are several factors to consider while selecting an auto transport company to move your car from your state to another state. We, at Genius Auto Trans, are happy to offer a variety of long-distance shipping methods that are all guaranteed to get your vehicle where it needs to go. As a top-notch leading company in the auto transport industry, we have a broad carrier network of 10k+ carriers covering the entire US territory. We understand how much you rely on your vehicle, which is why we provide specialized cross-country Car Transport Services, including dedicated customer service.

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How Much Does Interstate Car Shipping Cost?

We understand that the distance is a major factor in how much it will cost to move an automobile across the US. Also, several other factors determine the pricing value for inter-state Car Shipping. These factors include the following:

  • 1. Selecting budget-friendly transportation type such as Open Auto Transport will offer a cheap pricing value.
  • 2. Vehicle type, its condition and size
  • 3. The precise transportation distances
  • 4. Understanding market-based pricing trends is essential for businesses to make informed decisions.
  • 5. Auto transport functions should be scheduled at specific times of the year.
  • 6. Auto transportation in snowy conditions will necessitate high-value pricing.
  • 7. The low-density shipping areas may be costly.

You can call us at (800) 780-113, and our vehicle transport specialist will help you evaluate your vehicle's auto transportation cost.

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How Do I Prepare a Vehicle For Auto Transport?

  • 1. Try to remove all personal belongings and accessories from it. You can put up to 100 lbs. of personal luggage inside the vehicle free of charge. You need to make sure that the extra stuff is placed in the trunk or at the backseat (below window level). The front seats should be empty. Please note that we do not provide insurance for the items inside the vehicle. We are registered as an auto shipping company and provide insurance for the vehicles only. Therefore, it is advised not to put anything valuable, such as a TV or furniture.
  • 2. Keep the interior and exterior of the car clean. It will help the carrier inspect vehicles thoroughly for any earlier damage. The driver will call the pickup person a couple of hours before arriving at the pickup location, and he or she will hand over the vehicle to the driver. The driver will inspect the vehicle in front of that person and mention all the damage (if any) to the car body on the bill of lading (BOL) before he picks it up. Please inspect your vehicle thoroughly before signing the BOL.
  • 3. Do not make the gas tank empty. There should be at least a quarter of the car’s gas tank filled.
  • 4. Take photos of the vehicle to keep a record of its condition before its Auto Transportation.
  • 5. Disable the car alarm system if it is installed in it.
  • 6. Remove any electronic travel tag from the vehicle if it is installed or pasted in it.

Call our vehicle moving specialist at (800) 780-113 to seek specific and detailed guidance on how to ship a car to another state.

Transporting Cars From State To State

Genius Auto Trans Company offers a comprehensive inter-state Auto Transport facility anywhere in the US. Whether you are somewhere in NYC, or Texas, or you are based in the sunshine State of Florida, our dedicated team of auto trans professionals are ready to move your vehicle anytime and anywhere nationwide!

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As a car dealer, you are part of the auto business! We value all your customers. We would love to offer our dedicated and high-value auto transportation services in the way you like.

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Our reliable and trustworthy auto transport service can help you whether you are a casual vehicle mover looking to relocate across any state or need your family vehicle to get shipped safely!

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As an auction broker, you might have to win a good auto deal at an auction. Congratulations! We offer our reliable auto transport service for the on-time and secure arrival of your valuable purchase.

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As an online car buyer, you may have selected and purchased your dream car online! Now, it is time to bring it over to your doorstep! We do offer secure, reliable and door-to-door transportation services at affordable rates.

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